Training placements

Placements give students access to periods of work experience in public or private organisations, in order to develop specific personal and professional skills. These activities allow students to develop direct knowledge of the professional sector to which their course of study provides access, as well as useful information to help them make informed decisions about their own professional futures (Decree of the Ministry of Labour 25 March 1998, no. 142; Decree of the Ministry of Universities, Scientific Research and Technology 1999, no. 509, art. 10, lett. f). 

Students who conduct placements according to the University regulations can obtain recognition for their experience in the form of a suitable number of educational credits (CFU), generally based on the total number of hours spent on placement at the host organisation (in theory, except where otherwise stated by the Department Committee or the Degree Course Committee, 25 placement hours correspond to 1 CFU). 

The University of Parma has made various agreements with public and private bodies in order to regulate the terms and conditions by which students participate in placements with said host organisations. 

Social Services Planning and Management placement 

The two years of the second-cycle degree will include 300 hours of placement, usually in the second semester of the first year. Placements take place with local bodies with which the University has made suitable agreements, under the supervision, as a rule, of a Social Work Coordinator or Manager/Director in the role of tutor. 

On placement, students will observe and engage directly in the professional practice of coordinating or directing social service departments, as well as study, research and plan. 

As a rule, placements are set up using an on-line procedure such as STUDENTE NOTO (The host organisation generates a direct placement request, which appears on the “I miei stage” menu on the ESSE3 page), all information is available in the “STUDENTE” and “AZIENDA” sections on the WEB page of the University Placements Office


The Placements Committee is in charge allocating students to placements. Therefore, to arrange a placement, students must contact: 


Francesca Nori 

Responsabile di laboratorio (Workshop Manager) 

Segreteria didattica (Course Secretariat) 

via Università 7 (ground floor) 

tel. 0521/034581 Email: - 


NB. The online procedure requires students to identify their university tutor. 




If any there are any changes to the educational plan, either before or during the placement (e.g. deferral of start date, temporary suspension of the placement etc.), these must be promptly communicated via the ESSE3 student webpage: select “I miei stage” (my placements) from the menu, and then click the on the relevant placement in the “Proroghe e sospensioni” (deferrals and suspensions) column. Then click on “Effettua una nuova richiesta” (make new request). The same procedure must also be followed for students who complete their 300 placement hours before the end date indicated on the educational plan. 


⇒ In the case of an ACCIDENT, an insurance policy is in place and students must contact the Ufficio Tirocini formativi (Training Placement Office) directly. 


  • Requests for admission onto placements must be made to the Segretaria Didattica (Course Secretariat) in the OCTOBER of every academic year. (by the student); N.B: Any requests for admission onto the placement outside of this periods may be accepted if justified and agreed with the Responsabile di Laboratorio (Workshop Manager) and, if necessary, authorised by the Placements Committee. 
  • Requests for validation of CFU (credits) must be presented to the Segreteria Didattica (Course Secretariat) in the OCTOBER of every academic year (only for students in the category identified in article 1, clauses 9 and 10 of the Placement Regulations). (by the student); N.B: 
  • Student allocation to host organisations (conducted by the Placements Committee); 
  • Setting up of placement (by the host organisation, the student and the University tutor, in collaboration with the Course Secretariat and the University Placements Office); 
  • Individual placement plan (“P.I.T.”), to be submitted to the Responsabile di Laboratorio/Workshop Manager within 20 days of the start of the placement (to be drawn up by the student and the supervisor); 
  • Placement conclusion, download of material from the ESSE3 – STAGE page (by the student); 
  • Final exam