Free-choice activities (free credits)

These are modules/activities the students can choose in order to obtain 6 CFU (credits) in TAF (activity type) D (free credits). Students can choose between various types of module/activity: 

1. Modules from the degree course: students select a module and can insert it into their individual study programme without requesting authorisation. The list of modules is published each year in the Course Study Programme. 

2. Modules from other degree courses at the University: Students may choose any activity or module offered by other University departments worth no less than 6 CFU (credits), and can insert them into their individual study programme without requesting authorisation. 

3. Free-choice participatory activities: credits for sports, cultural and social activities. These activities do not require approval, but students are invited to read the Regulations for “free-choice participatory activities” before making a decision. 

4. National civil service: Students who have carried out national civil service can send a request to to have the service converted into 6 CFU (credits) as a free-choice activity. 


Students may also obtain recognition for other prior educational activities they consider relevant to their training, by sending a validation request to the Didactic Committee on this email address: 


NB If students need to change their choice after the deadline for submitting individual study programmes, and cannot wait for the re-opening of the Study Programme, they must make an approval request to the Didactic Committee ( and obtain authorisation.