Postgraduate guidance

Post-graduate career guidance activities organised by the Department 


To encourage the transition between graduation from the second-cycle degree and social planning and services contexts, the course invests significant energy in the form of careers guidance activities with two types of approach: 

a) reflection on social work and the development of the professional role of the social worker and, more generally, of the social planner, presented to the students in the form of meetings with operators in the social sector, social and health-care service directors and third sector professionals, in order to help them identify the developmental paths of social policies, the best strategies for their own ongoing training and how and where to seek employment; 

b) research in the field within institutional structures and third-sector organisations for the purpose of completing 2-year experimental theses by means of inter-institutional agreements that promote contact between students and structures, whilst also facilitating the placement of students. 

To give some examples in relation to activities of type a) – i.e. meetings between third-sector organisations and institutions to educate students on the development of policies and social work – various seminars have been held recently, including:


  • Meetings with non-profit organisation CIAC on the development of the CAS (Temporary Reception Centres) and SPRAR (System for the Protection of Asylum Seekers and Refugees) systems (22 February 2018; 15 March 2018; 16 April 2018); 
  • Meetings with the Centro Interculturale on the development of intercultural mediation practices (22 March 2018; 12 April 2018; 23 April 2018); 
  • Meeting with the Comune (City Council) of Parma on begging and new forms of social policy di aggancio or to engage and intervene: 20 November 2018 
  • Meetings with the USL company in Parma on psycho-social work in prisons and penal mediation: 4 December 2018 


To give some examples of type b) - research within institutional structures and third-sector organisations for the purpose of completing theses and making professional contacts - in the academic year 2018/19, there were three new collaborative agreements involving outgoing students for the purpose of producing experimental degree theses that specifically involve research on the part of students and social sector workers in local institutions (public services and third sector), with the specific scope of making contacts and facilitating job placement. Research projects were set up in the following areas: 


  • Policies and services for receiving asylum seekers, in formal collaboration with non-profit organisation CIAC, the manager of SPRAR with the Comune (City Council) of Parma; 
  • Begging and “aggancio” (engagement and intervention) policies in formal collaboration with the Comune (City Council) of Parma, S.O Fragilità; 
  • Social and health-care work in prisons, in formal collaboration with Az USL, Mental Health area. 



In the autumn period, the University holds a Job Day: an initiative designed to introduce students to the world of work and professions. 

Services offered by the University of Parma Representative for the Integrated Social Services course of study: Prof. Vincenza Pellegrino