Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

To gain access to the final assessment, students must: 

  • have passed all the relevant module exams and tests, and have acquired all the certificates and credits stipulated by the regulations; 
  • be up to date with payment of university fees and additional expenses; 
  • have registered for the degree thesis presentation. 

For the final assessment, students must complete a paper in which they critically analyse a service and its structures, identify problematic areas and draft an intervention project. The paper will be discussed at the thesis presentation. 

In designating a mark out of 110, with possible lode (honours), subject to unanimous approval, the panel will consider the candidate’s performance during the discussion and their curriculum. 


The degree theses, regardless of the number of credits for the final assessment, fall into the following categories: 

* Curricular thesis: a dissertation on a specific topic accompanied by a critical literature review on the subject.. 

* Research thesis: a dissertation comprising an accurate and comprehensive discussion, and demonstrating a good capacity for independent work and critical thinking.

  • Online submission of request to sit the thesis examination One month prior to the thesis examination session; 
  • Communication to the student-services office of withdrawal from thesis examination 10 days before the thesis presentation date; 
  • Passing of final exam and submission of exam transcript to the student services office 15 days before the thesis presentation date; 
  • Thesis supervisor authorisation/declaration 10 days before the thesis presentation date; 
  • Submission of thesis either digitally or on a storage device 10 days before the the.

NEW UNIVERSITY LOGO AND REORGANISATION OF THE DEPARTMENTS: as of 1 January 2017, the University of Parma has a new logo and a new coordinated image. 


Students of all categories and levels (degree course, specialisation, doctorate or masters) must include the University of Parma logo, requiring no prior authorisation, on the front of their thesis. The logo is available from the part of the site reserved for students (Esse3) and may be accessed using the login details within the "LAUREA/ESAME FINALE - Conseguimento titolo” procedure. N.B. Students are advised to save the logo in advance, since it will no longer be available once their thesis presentation request is closed. 

The new regulations on the use of the University of Parma logo may be found here: 

The obligatory use of the logo is in force from 1 January 2017, in line with the time required to complete the theses and, therefore, the actual possibility of reproducing the new logo. 

Student who have not yet printed their theses are also requested to indicate their degree course and department on the cover and on title page, paying attention to the updated wordings following the reorganisation of the departments as of 1 January 2017, and available at


AlmaLaurea Questionnaire for Graduating Students