Course management and course quality

Head of the Course SCIVOLETTO Chiara 

The course of study is run by a Course of Study Committee made up of the official lecturers of the courses on the degree programme and the researchers who undertake teaching support activities on these courses, as well as student representatives amounting to 20% of the other components. The tasks of the Course of Study Committee are stipulated by the Didactic regulations of the University


Each Course of Study Committee elects a head to summon meetings and oversee the activities of the Course of Study. 


  • The Head of the Committee of the “Social Services Planning and Management” Course of Study is Prof. Chiara Scivoletto 



Review Panel (“GdR”):

  • Prof. Chiara Scivoletto Head of the Course of Study
  • Prof. Susanna Palladini Course of Study Quality Assurance Manager - “RAQ”
  • Prof. Maria Giovanna Greco Lecturer on the Course of Study 
  • Giulia Giangrisostomi Student Representative 
  • Roberta Colagioia Student Representative
  • Rita Marta Francia Quality Manager for the Course of Study 


Representative for Acclimatisation and Mentoring: Prof. Vincenza Pellegrino 


Representative for End-of-Course Guidance: Prof. Vincenza Pellegrino 


Representatives for Erasmus+: Prof. Vincenza Pellegrino 


Officer for Training Placements for the Social Services Planning and Management course of study: Francesca Nori


Course Quality Manager for the Social Services Planning and Management course of study: Rita Marta Francia

Quality Assurance System for the Courses of Study offered by the Department of Law, Politics and International Studies.
Notifications to the RAQ (Quality Assurance Manager) for the Social Services Planning and Management course of study

The RAQ (Quality Assurance Manager) monitors the correct conduct of teaching activities and support services. 

Accordingly, it is possible contact the degree course RAQ to make requests or report a problem related to teaching or organisation. To contact the RAQ in writing ⇒ complete the FORM

Single Annual Report of the course of study

The Single Annual Report (“SUA”) is a management tool used to plan, implement, self-evaluate and re-design the course of study. The SUAs for the course of study are accessible from the government website UNIVERSITALY.