About us

The second-cycle degree in “Social Services Planning and Management” (“Programmazione e Gestione dei Servizi sociali”) is designed to train professionals who, alongside their ability to work with people seeking social services, can plan, organise, and manage social and health services, supervise work teams, and coordinate performances and staff involved in such services. Accordingly, the course focuses particularly on the developmental aspects of social services as a whole and of the State, enabling students to acquire advanced skills in observing/researching social change, and in managing processes of transformation in social institutions. 

Therefore, the second-cycle degree is designed to develop knowledge and skills relating to the social, economic, organizational and legal framework within which social work intervention plans need to be developed. 

The training provided prioritises the analysis of social change in action, the ability to take a comparative approach to the levels of policy and local, national and international social services, as well as methodological skills i.e. skills in terms of social analysis, planning and social service techniques to adopt in complex situations (network, group and collective dimensions), with particular regard to the family, intergenerational and regional policies that appear fundamental in addressing the dynamics of social change. 

Graduates from LM 87-class degree courses can sit the section A Albo degli Assistenti Sociali Specialisti (Association of Specialist Social Workers) exam; graduates from L39-class degree courses can sit the section B Albo degli Assistenti Sociali (Association of Social Workers) exam.