Non-selective test

Entry exam for students graduating with less than 80/110

Students who graduated from a three-year degree with less than 80/110, must sit an entry exam on 

their preparation for the course. 

The test will take place before the closure of enrolment onto the degree course. 

The exam to verify preparation for the course will consist of an oral interview designed to assess 

basic knowledge in the areas of: 

- law; 

- sociology and social services; 

- psychology. 

The exam will be conducted by a panel of lecturers nominated by the Course of Study Committee. 

The result of the exam will be logged in a special document prepared by the Student Services Office and shared with the student at 

the end of the exam. 



The exam will take place on the following date: 

22 October 2018 10:00 Cavalieri room – Panel: Prof. C. Scivoletto, Prof. V. Pellegrino and Prof. M. G. Greco